Ella Founder Mamunur Rahman was awarded with Paul Harris Fellowship by the Rotary International. Rotarian Mamunur’s contribution for Rotary Club is well recognized. He expressed his gratitude to his fellow rotarians of  Rotary Club of Dhaka North West club for their wholehearted supports for the Ella project. The low-cost sanitary napkin is addressing all Rotary International’s priority six areas including health, education, peace, economic development and so on.  Earlier Mamunur presented his Ella project at different Rotary clubs of USA and Bangladesh. He presented Rotary Club of Missoula and many other clubs in USA including in Florida, Texas, Michigan. He exchanged his Club flags with a couple of international clubs over the year.


Mamunur, known as public speaker, gave talks at a number rotary clubs over last two and half years. He shared his Ellia story among the rosarians across the world.  Rotarians expressed to support the Ella initiative.

Mamunur Rahman at East Lansing Rotary Club of Michigan, USA